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When will the game be released?

21st April 2016. It will be an early access release as an alpha version.

Will there be multiplayer?

First off no. There is a possibility that there could be certain especially cooperative multiplayer features but we can't promise any of that. The game is tailored for long-term singleplayer matches.

What will the game cost?

The price is not finally defined. More details regarding pricing and future updates will be described when we launch the early access version.

Will there be modding support?

We use data driven models for game data and it would be possible to provide tools for modding and we would like to evaluate that later during development. Simple modding such as custom text and localization is possible. But at this point however the answer is no for extensive modding support.

What about children and reproduction?

Adopting nomads is the major option to increase your settlement. This is another topic not finally drafted. There are problems with this mechanic and we will think about it in future development. Our general thinking is: Yes there should be reproduction and Children.

Will there be missions, a story and what is the point of this game?

This is an endless singleplayer game which has no direct missions or a story. Our goal is to design the general gameplay in a way that the player will experience a story nevertheless. This does happen with the numerous parameterized events which happen in the game so that each match will be a unique experience.

Will there be NPCs or special characters?

There will be certain kind of NPCs and characters in the game. There are merchants, raiders, nomads, beggars and animals. All of them come with various personalities, abilities and variations. The player will also be able to design the starting characters.

Are there heroes or leaders in the game?

This is a topic which we are not sure ourselves. We believe that having a leader in the settlement and that the player eventually is this leader is an interesting idea. On the other hand it changes the game and there are some problems which occur, e.g. what happens if this person dies. What we will have is a faction system and each faction has a leader. The player will be able to define an own faction during the game which also has impact on the game. Details will be described later.

What is the pace and time scale of the game?

The game lets you enjoy individual days and a whole year to be completed in ENDCIV requires a number of hours to be spent. Game scale options will be available before you start a new game. There is time control in the game which allows you to pause, slow down or speed up the game in order to skip waiting or refine your strategy. Time is an important factor in the game. Some bigger structures require several days until they are completed.

Will there be classes, skills and other specialization aspects?

Yes. People have abilities, personalities and skills and they become better at a certain skill when they execute a task.